Limited Time Quests:
Erollisi Day. Begins at the start of February.

EQ Anniversary. Begins in the middle of March.

Bristlebane Day. Begins at the start of April.

Hardcore Heritage. Begins in Summer.

Stone Cold Summer. Begins in September.

Frostfell. Begins at the start of December.

Pre-Launch Events:
Tower of Rot. Phase 1 Starts May 14 and Ends July 7, Phase 2 Starts May 17 and Ends July 7.

Argin-Hiz. Phase 1 Starts July 4 and Ends September 6 Phase 2 Starts July 7 and Ends September 6.

Full Time Quests:
Epic Ornamentations. Doing this will allow you to place Ornamentations on your weapons (or shields) that give them the graphic of an Epic your toon owns! Be sure to check out the Arcane Fair after you have completed your Quest!

Hatching a Plan. Doing this will give you a familiar and power up the Dragonscale Skystrider Saddle found in the Marketplace.

Housing Quests! Head over to Housing Overview to view them.

Marcia Attamilgad will re-appear with a new item, in a random zone with a Noble Exchange NPC in it, in the base world zones. She re-appears at a set time, once per Real Life day. She can appear in such zones as Butcherblock, North Ro, South Ro, Everfrost, North Karana, Lake Rathetear, Rathe Mountains, Commonlands, Toxxulia Forest, and potentially others. You can talk to Noble Exchange NPCs to get a clue where she is, talking to multiple will give a zone that is the same, she will be in that zone.

Mercenary Recruitment. Doing this quest will grant your toon one additonal mercenary slot!

Shawl 3.0!. Upgrade your Shawl 2.0 into the Shawl 3.0, it is now an Augmentation!

Bonus RoF Puppet Quest! Head over to Puppet Quest Overview to see it!