A Curious Box

Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo



  • Gebsle Nogflop in Sunrise Hills
    • Say 'who is kimble' to Gebsle Nogflop in Sunrise Hills, he wanders the roads of the zone and can be found with find

  • Find Kimble Nogflop
    • In Akanon find Kimble Nogflop, he is in the zoo, you can get here by asking a guide clockwork to take you there, or if you find the zoo you will find a brown bear in one side, there is a mini pit between the bear and the entrance you can jump down and Kimble is there, then say 'what is regurgitonic' then 'this is for gebsle' to Kimble and you will receive a regurgitonic (as indicated by on the map)

  • Return to Sunrise Hills
    • Return to Sunrise Hills and turn the Regurgitonic in to Gebsle Nogflop you will receive A Curious Box, a singing and dancing froglok for your house

EverQuest - Housing - A Curious Box