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Lake of Ill Omen

An Epic Request (Ordered by top to bottom in the Task Window): An Epic Request (Bard) | An Epic Request (Berserker) | An Epic Request (Enchanter) | An Epic Request (Shaman) | An Epic Request (Cleric) | An Epic Request (Shadow Knight) | An Epic Request (Wizard) | An Epic Request (Magician) | An Epic Request (Druid) | An Epic Request (Ranger) | An Epic Request (Necromancer) | An Epic Request (Rogue) | An Epic Request (Beastlord) | An Epic Request (Warrior) | An Epic Request (Paladin) | An Epic Request (Monk)

An Epic Request (Berserker)

Update Spot (for non-Berserkers): Auto updates at this spot

Requirements: Must be on the An Epic Request task


Walkthrough for Berserkers:

  • First ambush
    • Old White-Eyes will begin leading you to the camp. Along the way, you will get ambushed by a Goblin and 4 archers (ambush spot indicated by on the map). The blue Goblin will rush out and attack Old White-Eyes, 2 archers will appear on the Iksar statues to either side of you, and 2 more on the large pillars directly behind those statues. The Goblin is unattackable, instead White-Eyes tells you to use your axe throwing skills to take out the archers. Only summoned axes will work on them. Discs, skills, and melee will not damage them. It only takes about 10-20 axes to kill each one.

      Once the archers are dead, Commander Trakich jumps down from the high statue he has been hiding on and runs away. At this point he leaves the Goblin unshielded. Attack and kill the Goblin. He has very low hp, is rooted, and summons.
  • Make your way to camp
    • With the ambushers dead, Old White-Eyes will now finish leading you to the camp (as indicated by on the map). Once you are at the camp, a few NPC's will spam text. When they are done, you will be prompted to say 'ready to begin' to Lieutenant Tasith Nidmire. After you have informed them you are ready, all the NPC's in the camp begin to run away. Follow them and stay with them.
  • Second ambush
    • When you get to the edge of the creek (as indicated by on the map), about 10 undeads will spawn and attack. They will rush and attack the NPC's, but will turn to attack you if you are in range. They have fairly low HP and don't hit hard. Kill them all, then continue following all the NPC's.
  • A vision
    • Along the way, the NPC's will stop running (as indicated by on the map). Old White-Eyes will say some text, and your screen will turn black as if you are blinded. After the blind fades, the colors of everything around you will be inverted, and you will see a vision of Brinny Dorrinin floating in front of you. To continue, say 'source' to Old White-eyes, and continue following them.
  • The battle
    • The NPC's will stop again at this spot (as indicated by on the map), but only for a brief moment. Just up ahead is Commander Trakich and his army. After stopped for just a moment, the NPC's will rush the army. You are told to help with the minions, while Tasith keeps the Commander busy, and White-Eyes keeps Xalgoz busy. Every minion you slay damages the Commander's health, until he eventually dies.
  • Spectre of Rage
    • After all the army has been slain, some lore plays out which knocks the rest of your allies unconcious. At this point, Spectre of Rage will rush and attack you. He has low HP, and doesn't hit for much at all. Kill him, more lore plays out, and your task will update.

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