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Timorous Deep

An Epic Request (Ordered by top to bottom in the Task Window): An Epic Request (Bard) | An Epic Request (Berserker) | An Epic Request (Enchanter) | An Epic Request (Shaman) | An Epic Request (Cleric) | An Epic Request (Shadow Knight) | An Epic Request (Wizard) | An Epic Request (Magician) | An Epic Request (Druid) | An Epic Request (Ranger) | An Epic Request (Necromancer) | An Epic Request (Rogue) | An Epic Request (Beastlord) | An Epic Request (Warrior) | An Epic Request (Paladin) | An Epic Request (Monk)

An Epic Request (Cleric)

Update Spot (for non-Clerics): Auto updates at this spot

Requirements: Must be on the An Epic Request task


Walkthrough for Clerics:

Note: You must have a version of the following spells before you can begin the Cleric portion of this quest: Cure Poison, Cure Disease, Cure Blindess, Summon Food, Summon Water, Summon Weapon, Halo of Light, Undead Nuke, Stun, and Memblur.

  • Entering Timorous Deep
    • As soon as you zone into Timorous Deep you will immediately have some text flash across your screen and will be assigned the shared mission 'Balance of the Triumvirate'. Shortly after this, you will be automatically zoned into an instance for this mission. All this happens while you are still on the boat.
  • Make your way to the Oasis of the Triumvirate 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • This step is out of order, it can't be completed until the very end. Ignore it for now.
  • Speak with General Bathezid 0/1 (The Burning Woods)
    • General Bathezid is inside the fort, as indicated by on the map. When you get near him, there will be a lot of lore text. After all the text is done, him and all the rest of the NPC's in the fort will rush outside and gather. Stand next to General Bathezid to get the script going for the next step.
  • Defend Chardok against Ganak's Army 0/1 (The Burning Woods)
    • At this point you will be turned into a dragon shroud. In your Alternate Advancement window you will have 3 abilites to make hotkeys of. One is a heal (Healing Force), one is a AE fear (Dragon Fear), and another is a AE cone DD (Lava Breath). Use the AE cone DD to damage the attackers, then use the fear to keep them busy while the DD spell refreshes. Use the heal on yourself as needed.
  • Defend the Sarnak from Vekelrek 0/1 (The Burning Woods)
    • With the attackers dead, the Sarnak NPC's will gather in front of the fort. After some lore text, Vekelrek and his 2 squires will attack you. You can melee the and use the AE cone DD to kill them. Shortly after they are dead, your screen will turn black and you will be ported back to an instanced version of Timorous Deep.
  • Make your way off of the island 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • You wake up on a beach. Use the /sit command to stand up. Now you must use 'Sense the Dead' to locate the Iksar ghost. Once you have found him, hail him. He spams some text and poofs, use Sense the Dead again to find him. Repeat this 3 times total. The third time when you locate him, a graphic of him won't appear - he will be auto targeted, and you can see his con ring on the ground. After you hailed him the third time, a yellow find path graphic will appear and lead you to a skeleton.

      Use Invisibility versus Undead to get close to the skeleton, and /say 'the fearless jarsath' to him. You must be standing very close to him when you say it. You will immediately be ported to another island for the next step.
  • Seek assistance on the island 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • You will be greeted at the new location with 2 pirates looking to steal your gold. Target First Mate Dockins and tell him [gold]. Now target Bandit Scout, Timothy, and tell him [situation]. Target First Mate Dockins again and tell him [deal]. Now both NPC's will run off, be quick to follow them as they run fast. If you get lost, the spot they run to is marked by on the map.
  • Assist the crew in exchange for transport 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • You've followed the pirates to a ruined building. You will find Captain Gerrins inside, laying on the ground. You must heal him and cure him back up to health. Cast heals on him until you are given a hint about what cure to use.

      Captain Gerrens groans, his skin looks yellowed with disease = use Cure Disease on him.

      Captain Gerrens seems to be regaining some of his strength, but coughs up some vile green phlegm = use Cure Poison on him.

      The captain appears to be cursed with some terrible vision of ghosts = use Remove Greater Curse on him.

      After you have cured him for the third time, an undead ghost will spawn and attack. You can melee and use undead nukes on the ghost, kill it. After its dead, the Captain and the 2 pirates will run to their raft on the shore (as indicated by on the map). Follow them, and step on the raft.
  • Ride the ship toward the Oasis 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • This will auto update as you ride the raft.
  • Make your way to Nagafen's Lair 0/1 (Nagafen's Lair)
    • You will now be in shroud form again. Make your way to Nagafen's Lair (as indicated by on the map). If you are unsure of how to get there, just follow the path of corpses.

      Once there, you will be turned into a dragon and be greeted with a raid of NPC's who will try to kill you. I suggest taking out the clerics first, as they do some decent healing to the others. You will have access to the same shroud abilities as before, but don't waste mana on heals - you can't die. If your health reaches 0, you are just completely healed back to 100%. Once you kill all the attackers, some text will spam and you'll be ported to Timorous Deep again.
  • Speak to the Wayward Spirit 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • You once again find yourself washed up on a beach. There will be a female Iksar ghost in the building just ahead of you. Hail her and follow her dialogue for this task update.
  • Receive the First Blessing of the Triumvirate 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • There are 4 NPC's on this island you must provide help to. The first one is marked by on the map. Summon a weapon to give to him, and he will poof.

      The next NPC is marked by on the map. Use Cure Blindness on this NPC - Note: You must be facing the moon while casting for it to work.

      The next NPC is marked by on the map. Summon a Halo of Light to hand to him, and he will poof.

      The next NPC is marked by on the map. Summon food and hand it to him, he will change color. Next, summon drink and hand it to him, he will now poof.

      Having helped all 4 NPC's on the island, you must now return to Reflection of Naxot Deepwater (as indicated by . Hail her, and she will port you to the next island.
  • Receive the Second Blessing of the Triumvirate 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • Stand at this spot (as indicated by on the map) and cast a Yaulp spell. The NPC's on the other island will quickly send a raft your way, step on the raft. After a moment, the raft will carry you over to the other island. Once on the island, make your way up the mountain and stand underneath the statue (as indicated by on the map). Some text will spam, and youll be ported to the next instance.
  • Scatter your Pearlescent Shard throughout the hills 0/1 (Skyfire Mountains)
    • You will be in dragon form again, simply walk around the zone and you'll get auto updates. After the 5th update, you'll get ported to the next instance
  • Witness the fall of Zordakalicus City 0/1 (Skyfire Mountains)
    • You will now be faced with another raid, only this time you won't be the one doing the killing! After some text, the NPC's will all attack you, and will kill you. Once dead, you will shift into dragon form, and once again be killed. After you have died in dragon form, you will be ported to the next instance.
  • Receive the Third Blessing of the Triumvirate 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • Reflection of Naxot Deepwater will be directly in front of you, hail her and follow her dialogue. There are now 3 skeletons on this island you must defeat. You must use a trick to defeat each one.

      Remains of Shima (The Decaying) is located at the spot shown by on the map. You must use stun spells to damage and kill this skeleton.

      Remains of Valon (The Faithful) is located at the spot shown by on the map. You must use undead nukes while meleeing with auto attack on to kill this skeleton.

      Remains of Malant (The Enraged) is located at the spot shown by on the map. You must use memblur spells to damage and kill this skeleton.

      Once all 3 skeletons are defeated, you will be ported to the next instance.
  • Witness the rebirth of Zordak 0/1 (Muramite Proving Grounds)
    • Finally an easy step! You will zone into an instance of Muramite Proving Grounds. There will be some spam text, then you will target the Projection of Discord and say [pledge myself to Mata Muram]. After a bunch of spam text, and your screen turning black, guess what happens! That's right, you'll get ported to the next instance!
  • Speak to Omat Vastsea 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • Make your way to the center island (as indicated by on the map). There are underwater tunnels that allow you passage through the outer walls. When you are in the center, you will find Omat Vastsea along the waters edge. Hail him and go through his dialogue, the task will auto update.
  • Seek the remains of Zordakalicus Ragefire 0/1 (Timorous Deep)
    • Swim into the water and you will see a dead decaying dragon. Get close to the dragon for the quest update. The task will update, and your 'An Epic Request' task will update as well. After some spam text, you will be ported to the real Timorous Deep zone. Congrats!

  • Re: An Epic Request (Cleric) By: quvas On: April 13, 2013, 01:30:14 PM

    i am having the same promblem tokeinn.  have you found a way out of the room yet? i am still working on it.

    Re: An Epic Request (Cleric) By: Tokeinn On: March 17, 2013, 11:26:23 PM

    I got bugged between ride the ship towards the oasis and Make your way to Nagafens Lair. When zoned into solb was in a room with 3 NPC and there was no way out? Was way off map to the north. Had the shroud on also.

    Re: An Epic Request (Cleric) By: Rorce On: March 16, 2013, 09:30:24 PM

    Thanks for the post!  I literally just finished our walkthrough for the Cleric one when you posted it :p

    Re: An Epic Request (Cleric) By: Angyy On: March 16, 2013, 09:17:28 PM

    New to the EQ resource forums, so I hope that this is the appropriate place for this post. I had noticed there was not yet a walkthrough for the cleric part of the Epic ornament quests, and had just made this one to post to my guild's boards. I figured it would be a good resource for any other clerics working on it.

    Upon zoning into Timorous Deep (Make sure you are ungrouped and have your Halo of Light spell!), you will get the following message: The gentle e and flow of the deep serves as a quiet backdrop to your meditations. Across the small sea of ruins is the holy site of the Triumvirate of Water. You close your eyes and contemplate the adventures that rought you here when the words of a nearly forgotten note cross your mind....”
    'Greetings Overking Bathezid. The time has come for you to return the oon owed to me from so long ago...'
    You have been assigned the task 'Balance of the Triumvirate.'
       This is your own little shared task. It will port you into an instanced version of Burning Woods.

    *Make your way to the Oasis of the Triumvirate

    *Speak with General Bathezid
       run towards the Chardok zoneline – there you will find several sarnaks, including General    Bathezid
    *Defend Chardok from Ganak's Army
       run back outside to where the sarnaks are gathered up at, make sure you take your shroud    abilities from the AA window. Hail General Bathezid to begin the fight and you are transformed
       into Zordak's dragon form. Mass slaughter the iksars!~ (handbags for everyone!!)
       Kill Vakelrek Sapara, Vax Glaceon, Ikros Fer (your dragon fear will not work on them)
       Some more dialogue here before it updates and ports you back into an instanced version of Tim    Deep
    *Make your way off this island
       Run through the little ruined buildings, in the one you will see a ghost spawn in the one farthest    to the West. Mem your sense the dead spell, or use the AA version of it. When you use it the    first time and hail An Echo of Life he will say 'The fearless Jarsath must e returned to the feet of    the father,' and then vanish. Cast again and find him. Hailing him again will give you the    message of “Approach them both in guise they cannot see.” He will vanish and make you find    him again. Hailing him a third time gives you “Speak to them, sight unseen, the name of their    tribe and your freedom shall follow.” A yellow path will show up. Cast IVU on yourself and    follow it until you reach the big iksar statue on the mountains and the Fearless Guardian. Target    him and say Jarsath.
    *Seek assistance on this island
       2 pirates will approach you. “You know the drill stranger, your [gold] or your [life].” (It does    not matter which one you say.) One will then mention about you could help with their    [situation]. They will then offer to assist you in exchange for your help. Saying Deal will make    them run off towards their Captain who they want you to aid.
    *Assist the crew in exchange for transport
       You will need to heal up Captain Gerrins. Renewals seemed to work the best since they had the    cure component in them. Some of the other heals gave an emote about not having any effect. Be    prepared to fight a ghost as soon as he reaches 80ish% health (I had ward + 2 undead nukes +    our reverse DS up. Turn undead also worked). When it dies they will run south towards the raft.    Get onto it.
    *Ride the ship towards the Oasis
       Just hop on the little raft and it will update
    *Make your way to Nagafen's Lair   
       Upon zoning in you will find yourself at the fire giant fort. Work your way through to fort into    Naggy's lair. Once you reach his lair, there's some dialogue then you get to kill the raid that just    wiped out Naggy.
    *Claim the lair for the Plasmatic Priesthood
       Make sure you use the abilities in your AA window, as well as the clickies you get on your    helm/legs/chest (clicky DS you can cast on yourself on the arms also). You will hit 0% and    “die” a few times but each time touch of the divine procs and heals you back up to full.
    *Speak to the Wayward Spirit
       You are back in Tim. Deep now in front of a Wayward Spirit (aka Naxot Deepwater).
       /loc neg4409 pos 2891 Speak with her and go through the dialogue.
    *Receive the First Blessing of the Triumvirate
       A path will show up and lead you to Gavirin Wraithbane (Reflection of the Meek). Summon a    hammer (Hammer of Reproach worked fine) and hand it to him. He'll disappear.
       Use your Find key and use it to find Reflection of the Blind (Erilea Lifireon). Go through her    dialogue and load your Cure Blindness spell. Face towards the East and then cast on her.
       Use your Find key and use it to find Reflection of the Famish (Jerik Soulsteel). Go through its    dialogue and load your summon food/drink spells. Hand him one of each.
       Use your Find key and use it to find Reflection of the Lost (Billinar Stouthaft). Go through his    dialogue, load your Halo of Light spell and hand it to him.
       Return to the Wayward Spirit and Hail her.
    *Receive the Second Blessing of the Triumvirate
       You are transported one island over. Hail Reflection of Naxot Deepwater. Run east along the    water, then South along that wall.  When you get an emote in yellow about needing to get their    attention, use your Yaulp spell (AA version worked for me). Hop on the raft they send over to    cross to the other island. Then run east til you reach the giant iksar statue in the mountains.
    *Scatter your Pearlescent Shard throughout the hills
       Once again you are Ragefire. Run around throughout skyfire until you get all 4 yellow emotes    about scattering the shards around.
    *Witness the fall of Zordakalicus
       You're in human form now, and fighting a raid again (this time one to kill you for the epic fight).     Once you hit 0% it will turn you into a dragon. You can hit your abilities but eventually they    will successfully kill you and you get ported back to tim deep.
    *Receive the Third Blessing of the Triumvirate
       You're back at the Reflection of Naxot Deepwater. (/loc -9596 -5914). She wants you to lay to    rest the spirits of the three  remaining plasmatic priesthood members. You can use Sense Dead    to find them.
       Remains of Shima – Just beat him down with melee – spells have no effect
       Remains of Malant (the enraged) – Load up your pacify spell and cast it on him until he dies.
       Remains of Valon (the faithful) – Just smack him around and nuke/dot with undead spells.
    *Witness the Rebirth of Zordak
       You will find yourself in MPG, say “pledge myself to mata muram” to the Projection of Discord
    *Speak to Omat Vastsea
       Back in tim. Deep, swim to the little hidden oasis where Omat resides. It puts you semi-close to    where you need to swim to. Hail him and go through his dialogue.
    The very first line in the task will finally update once you reach it!
    *Seek the Remains of Zordakilicus Ragefire
       Swim in the little lake in front of him to the corpse of Ragefire. You will get an emote in red, then in yellow. Both this task and the Epic Request one will update.

    An Epic Request (Cleric) By: Riou On: March 11, 2013, 06:36:02 AM

    Questions? Comments? Post them here! Original page - https://special.eqresource.com/anepicrequestcleric.php

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