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Castle Mistmoore

An Epic Request (Ordered by top to bottom in the Task Window): An Epic Request (Bard) | An Epic Request (Berserker) | An Epic Request (Enchanter) | An Epic Request (Shaman) | An Epic Request (Cleric) | An Epic Request (Shadow Knight) | An Epic Request (Wizard) | An Epic Request (Magician) | An Epic Request (Druid) | An Epic Request (Ranger) | An Epic Request (Necromancer) | An Epic Request (Rogue) | An Epic Request (Beastlord) | An Epic Request (Warrior) | An Epic Request (Paladin) | An Epic Request (Monk)

An Epic Request (Paladin)

Update Spot (for non-Paladins): Zoning into Castle Mistmoore

Requirements: Must be on the An Epic Request task


Walkthrough for Paladins:

  • Help the Guktan
    • Run up to the Guktan (as indicated by on the map), and Hail it, after, Scavenger of the Keeps will spawn and attack, kill them. After some text, 2 werewolves will spawn and attack, kill them as well
  • Head to the Graveyard
    • Run up to the Graveyard (as indicated by on the map) next, you will find Tiffany there, she will attack, kill her. After, waves of mobs will attack, kill them. After that, Guard Captain Alkrik Ruklin will attack, kill it, you can stun him to knock the blind off of you
  • Moving East
    • Move East to Estranged Emissary of Thule (as indicated by on the map), attack it. The ravens during this fight can be flash of lighted, kill the mobs
  • On to the Ballroom
    • Move up the ramp and into the main building Ballroom (as indicated by on the map), inside gargoyles will attack, to kill them use magic spells on them. After that, you will be attacked by Drelan V`Dal, kill him, then you will be attacked by Debra, kill her. After, kill Xicotl in the Bedroom (as indicated by on the map (he should summon you there)
  • Beat the Third
    • Move your way to the Crypt (as indicated by on the map). After some text you will be attacked by The Third, to kill him, stun him and then heal Shin Bram Krito, repeat this until The Third is at 40%, afterwards you can kill him like normal, using any of your epics while attacking him will kill him faster. After that this will complete

  • Re: An Epic Request (Paladin) By: Peon25 On: October 19, 2020, 01:28:16 PM

    Since no one has officially written how to do this either on EQ Resource of Allakhazam:

    When you get to The Third in the crypt area (-340 47 -176), do the following after all the dialogue:

    • Use your level 28 Stun spell on The Third
    • Immediately switch to the frog and use your level 27 Healing spell
    • The frog then does massive damage to Maestro (The Third)

    Repeat this about 4 times until the room shakes, your color all goes grey, and the frog disappears. Then use any of your epics to melee it down (took 1 swing for me).

    Using AA stuns, higher level healing spells etc, did not work. I had to run this three times to start using lower level spells.

    Re: An Epic Request (Paladin) By: Matauris On: January 16, 2017, 10:51:05 PM

    From the forums, I followed Roganemor's instructions but added in blinding the ravens for the guard before getting into the graveyard. Worked fine, so might as well be safe!

    Paladin Starts in Mistmoore - I equipped Fiery Defender for all fights

    Guard Captain: Stun him to remove blindness, melee him down
    Ballroom: Use Flash of Light on gargoyles, stun the Hands on the piano to damage the 2 named
    Bedroom: Flash of Light
    Crypt: Stun the Third, Heal Shin repeat till you get message to use your sword on Third
    - Roganemor

    Normal attacks seemed fine on sister
    Guard captain don't stun
    dude on pony blind his birds
    stun the hands on piano before u riposte kill the npcs
    stun named and heal the frog ghost
    xicotle or whatever I didn't see anything special needed
    - Kobrah

    Re: An Epic Request (Paladin) By: Vilem On: July 11, 2016, 01:36:12 PM

    Has anyone done the Epic Retelling for the new Ornament yet? I've replayed it once and didn't notice anything while doing the event yet. I'm going to go through my logs now, since I'll have to redo it once more.

    Re: An Epic Request (Paladin) By: Jidokwon On: February 28, 2016, 07:59:51 PM

    Divine Stun doesn't work on the Third for whatever reason.  I ended up killing the Third from bashing and reposting, but the quest is obviously broken if you don't use a very specific stun and probably only that stun.  I had to drop the quest altogether, as zoning out and back in didn't reset the paladin part.  I'll try again with stuns of every line up later.

    An Epic Request (Paladin) By: Riou On: March 11, 2013, 06:34:45 AM

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