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Plane of Mischief

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An Epic Request (Rogue)

Update Spot (for non-Rogues): Updates at this Spot

Requirements: Must be on the An Epic Request task


Walkthrough for Rogues:

  • Follow Drenick
    • Move over to Drenick Nyrae and follow him, inside the room he stops at is Mayor Onaise, Hail him and go through his text, say 'ready' to begin. You will have a choice of 3 things to do. There is a time limit on this.
  • Rogue Trials
    • 1) By Mayor is a broken toy, for this you must sense traps and disarm the chest by the broken toy, then pick the lock. You will then be able to get the candy.

      2) In the East Room is a mini room section with 2 body guards, you have to hide and sneak past them from behind them, without allowing them to see you, if they do catch you after you got the Adornment it will go back and you will have to redo this, there will also be a 3rd guard after taking the Adornment

      3) In the East Room of that one through the hidden wall in the North East area of it is a Luclin tsetsiantrap, Hail and go through the text, saying 'the first' to begin
      The 1st trial is sight, you will find in order from tallest to smallest Billiam Wilson, Will Billiamson, Bill Williamson (same height as a normal Halfling toon), and William Bilson. For this you must choose which halfling's height changed the most. This is random which person it will be, they also swap positions.
      The 2nd trial is hearing you must have sound on for this, you have to find the halfling of the 4 pair that doesn't sound right.
      The 3rd trial is taste, you have to pickpocket them and find the one that has 2 jumjum stalks on it.
      The 4th trial is finding which halfling eats the least, you have to say jumjum pie to them, the one who moves the slowest is the right one.
      The 5th trial is sense of touch, you have to ???.
  • The Puppet Show
    • Once you have done atleast one, say 'done' to Mayor Onaise. Next go back outside the main room and Hail Drenick Nyrae and follow him, once he stops at familiar human they will walk off, head up north through the wall into the theater, you will find a chest open it, doing so will spawn a giant jester that will attack, kill it. After more story this will complete.

  • Re: An Epic Request (Rogue) By: Phynster On: January 17, 2017, 08:31:22 PM

    I've used disarm traps on that stupid trapped toy chest over 300 times and not a single one was successful... is there some kind of stupid trick for it..

    An Epic Retelling (Rogue) - Ridiculously Funny By: ritaren On: June 16, 2016, 09:18:51 PM

    Zone in & head to the castle via the invis bridge
    Take the first invis wall into the castle and head to the first main room.
    Look for Drenick Nyrae (elf male) will be standing there.
    Hail him. -- He speaks to you in in Thieves Cant.
    Just follow him to the next location.
    Hail the Mayor at the head of the table
    After you speak with the mayor and say ready a broken toy with candy behind it will appear by the mayor.
    You have to sense traps to get a chest to spawn. Disarm the trap.
    A smaller chest will spawn and you will need to pick the lock using your hotkey.
    Once the chest is unlocked you can /open and walk behind the toy to gather the candy

    In the east room through the invisible wall on the east side of the dining room are your next two puzzles

    At the far side of the room is an alcove with 2 halfings guarding the entrance. In the back of the room on the top of the bookshelf is the adornment you seek
    You must get past the two guards while using hide/sneak and get the adornment. If you don't successfully do this you are sent back to the entrance of the room
    After you get the adornment a third guard spawns in between the other 2 initial guards and you must get past all three without getting sent back to the entrance.
    This really isn't hard to do. The guards to change their view slightly and you can sneak behind one. From there lev up to the top of the bookshelf. Walk over the
    adornment to get credit or obtaining it. The rest is timing on getting past the guards.

    On the other side of the room are 4 halfings. Each of different heights. The plant in the corner is who you need to speak with to start these trials.
    Follow the text with Luclin tsetsiantrap. Saying "the first" will begin the trial of sight. The halflings heights will change and they will change positions. Hail the one that has changed
    the most. If wrong, you have to start again. If right you move onto trial #2.

    Trial 2 - Ensure you have sound on for this one. Three of the halflings have a higher pitch yodel, while one of the halflings has more of a grunt. To choose the one that is grunting, face the halfling at the front and walk backwards until you don't hear any of the halflings. Then start inching forward until you hear the front halfling. If it's not the front halfling who is grunting, walk a couple of more paces until you hear the second halfling (in combination with the first). Repeat until you eventually hear the halfling that is out of tune with the rest.

    Trial 3 - is easy - pickpocket the halfings until you find the one with 2 jumjum stalks

    Trial 4 - find the halfling who eats the least. Say jumjum pie to them and watch who is the slowest. Hail that halfing.

    Trial 5 - is sense of touch. Which one of the halflings takes more damage. I simply stood in front of each halfling and backstabbed each one once. (Of course, you may end up double or tripling but look at the first number 19k, 22k, etc) I then compared the damage each one took in comparison to the others. I did this twice (as they heal themselves) just to confirm the damage from the first round of backstabs. Upon completing the 5th trial a Luclin tsetsiantap says: "Fizzlethorpe be praised! We have found an individual truly funny enough to wield the majestic, magnificent, and infinitely grand Funny Bone. You may walk away with this gift knowing you earned it ________.

    At any point you fail during the trials you have to start over at the beginning with trial #1. At the completion of the trials you are given the Funny Bone. Now you have all three treasures. You MUST complete ALL the trials & tasks successfully.

    Return to the Mayor and hail him. Tell him you are done. Yes, you really are done. If you have completed all the trials and tasks - Mayor Onaise says "Heh,... hah ... hahaha! Will who?! The defendant is guilty! Guilty of being hilarious! He shall be front and center for tonight's theater performance!"

    Hail Drenick Nyrae who is waiting patiently outside the door and follow him. You will pick up a familiar human on the way to the theatre who also tags also. Once in the theatre they will take their seats and become "engrossed audience members". You must go behind the curtain before the play begins. At the start of the play a chest appears under Bristlebane's picture. /open the chest and the jovial jester will pop. I fought the entire fight using my epic 2.0. He has an emote approximately every 2 minutes in which you can click the "knock knock". When you do this he will turn his back on you and you will be able to do more damage with backstab. Make sure you use your epic for this fight.

    When the jester dies you find a satchel with a coin in it in the chest. (You don't actually loot it but you will get an emote). You suddenly find yourself in the audience as they prepare to start Act II of the play. You watch Act II when suddenly Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane himself appears on stage.

    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane shouts "This play bores me! Now where be the Cazic-Thule Puppet?! Ridiculously funny!

    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane shouts "Now then, let's see something amusing!"

    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane shouts "Stanos, ye' did well to bring 'em here, but I don't much care for yer attempt to take my treasures! Here's a little something for yer troubles though ...."

    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane shouts "As for you, _______, give me one good reason why I shouldn't feed yeh to Stomples!"

    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane shouts, Hah, hah, hah! Well, there is nothing more to see here! Go home everyone!"

    The King of Thieves finding the Cazic-Thule Puppet should make for a more interesting telling of this tale. (If you don't see this then you have missed something)

    Having been finally reunited with his long last Cazic-Thule puppet, Bristlebane decides not to feed you to the rabbits. He casts you out into the garden and forgets about your attempted interference in his realm... Really though, you should have known better than to chase the treasures of the of King of Thieves. You finally understand the reality of the situation when you look down toward your belt-pouch to find the infinitely valuable loot is missing. Your task "An Epic Request" has been updated.

    Complete the rest of the running around to different zones. Return to Felwithe and speak with Lady Carolline of Thex. I'm sorry I didn't get her speech but she tells you what a wonderful and great retelling of your story.


    For server FIRST of EACH Class - Lady Carolline runs to the circular room right before where she stands on the bridge. In this room are plaques that are (now) empty, one for each class, and she places the weapon for your class. For rogue, it was the weapon "Night". For Server first of each class to complete The Epic Retelling there will be a

    <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE>: A proclamation rings out from the royal halls of Felwithe, 'House Thex wishes all across the land to join us in congratulating, _______, the first Assassin to claim 'Night' as their own' (Assassin for rogues of course)

    Right clicking on the weapon that has been placed on the plaque you get this message: Upon the plaque rests the weapon 'Night', first forged for _________.

    Regular rewards:
    1 AA

    (Sorry E-Marr I already grabbed rogue server-first. It was a nice surprise and is great to know that Vanilrae will always be immortalized in EQ)

    Re: An Epic Request (Rogue) By: Riou On: March 16, 2013, 06:20:46 AM

    Step 4: Mention jumjum pie. The Halflings will rub their belly. The one who does it with the lowest movement is the right one.

    Thanks, I've added this note :)

    Re: An Epic Request (Rogue) By: HSishi On: March 16, 2013, 06:16:09 AM

    Step 4: Mention jumjum pie. The Halflings will rub their belly. The one who does it with the lowest movement is the right one.

    An Epic Request (Rogue) By: Riou On: March 11, 2013, 06:38:37 AM

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