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West Freeport

An Epic Request (Ordered by top to bottom in the Task Window): An Epic Request (Bard) | An Epic Request (Berserker) | An Epic Request (Shaman) | An Epic Request (Enchanter) | An Epic Request (Cleric) | An Epic Request (Shadow Knight) | An Epic Request (Wizard) | An Epic Request (Magician) | An Epic Request (Druid) | An Epic Request (Ranger) | An Epic Request (Necromancer) | An Epic Request (Rogue) | An Epic Request (Beastlord) | An Epic Request (Warrior) | An Epic Request (Paladin) | An Epic Request (Monk)

An Epic Request (Wizard)

Update Spot (for non-Wizards): Updates at this point (Side Star Room about half a floor up from the spot you appear at, when taking the port pad into the building)

Requirements: Must be on the An Epic Request task


Walkthrough for Wizards:

  • Getting Started
    • Shortly after you enter the space room in the West Freeport Arcane tower, two NPC's will path in - a gnomish scholar and a visiting seeker. They will say some text, then pause. Follow their dialogue and you will be given an instance, and zoned in.
  • Speak with Sirauc and Rodan
    • When you zone into the instance you will see a path indicated by blue and green flags. Follow the path to the city entrance. Sirauc and Rodan will be waiting there, and will begin spamming text as soon as you arrive. Shortly after, they will begin walking away - follow them. They will stop in front of the Hall of Truth. Hail Sirauc and follow his dialogue, and the hall will open. Both NPC's will now path in, you should follow Sirauc.
  • The Debate Begins
    • When Sirauc stops, more NPC's will still be pathing in. You can keep hailing Sirauc until he gives you some dialogue. Follow the dialogue, and watch the scene unfold. After the script plays out, you will be ported into a new instance of West Freeport.
  • It Burns!
    • When you enter the new instance, Sirauc and Rodan will be standing in front of you. Hail one of them and follow their dialogue. They will begin to path to the entrance where you will be greeted with a scarey beast. There is a trick to beating the beast - you should use Cold type spells, and should coordinate with the two Wizard NPC's to cast. You should only cast when the NPC's have casted their Pillars of Frost spells, as this is the only time spells will damage the beast.
  • Back to the Hall
    • With the beast dead, the NPC's will begin pathing back to the Hall of Truth. Follow them, and enjoy the action along the way.
  • A Fun Battle
    • Once you are at the Hall of Truth entrance, med up. When you are ready to begin, tell Rodan you are 'ready'. 3 Efreetis will spawn, the NPC's with you will tank them. The Efreetis are invulnerable. A 'flame tender' will spawn randomly in one of the 4 corners and path towards one of the Efreetis. You must target him and cast a snare spell on him before he reaches them. After the snare spell has been cast upon him, he will fall to the ground. A short moment later, whatever Efreeti he was pathing to will become vulnerable for a short time. Cast Cold spells on the Efreeti with (Vulnerable) underneath it's name, until the (Vulnerable) tag goes away. Rinse and repeat this until all the Efreetis are dead.
  • The Ending
    • Once all 3 Efreetis are dead, the doors to the Hall of Truth swing open. The 3 NPC's will rush inside - follow them and enjoy the script. When it's over, your quest will update and you'll be punted back to the space room in West Freeport.

  • Re: An Epic Request (Wizard) By: Cinexa On: July 07, 2016, 06:27:40 PM

    When will the info on an Epic Retelling be posted - specifically for wizard - it's been completed on Povar and I would like to complete it.  I have the basic idea but cannot find four of the 7 names.  =( Help

    An Epic Request (Wizard) By: Riou On: March 11, 2013, 06:41:51 AM

    Questions? Comments? Post them here! Original page - https://special.eqresource.com/anepicrequestwizard.php

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