Featherweight Satchel

Requirements: The Featherweight Satchel requires the quest The Courier to be complete. The Miniature Action Lashun and Sigil of the Gate are optional and can be done anytime, but the npcs are in the same area.
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo



  • Pagus Nonad in Sunrise Hills
    • Say 'tell me about your brother' to Pagus Nonad in Sunrise Hills, you will receive a cough tonic, you will find Pagus in the general vendor areas

  • Pagus's Brother
    • Head to South Qeynos and turn in the cough tonic to Vicus Nonad (as indicated by on the map)

  • Helping Vicus Nonad
    • Hail Vicus Nonad and say 'whats this cough' then 'i will help with todays collections' then 'what list'

  • Collecting Taxes
    • Say 'tax collection' to each of the following: In South Qeynos: Ton Firepride , Mar Sedder , Nesiff Tallaherd , Fhara Semhart , Tasya Huntlan , Captain Rohand , Fish Ranamer , Voleen Tassen . In North Qeynos: Sneed Galliway

  • Flynn Merrington
    • For Flynn Merrington in North Qeynos you must say 'did you steal mira sayers taxes?' then 'I am a gnoll loving weakling who isnt fit to comb my feet'

  • After getting all 10 Collections
    • After you have completed all 10, combine them in the box given, then return to Vicus Nonad in South Qeynos and turn in the combined box and the list given earlier (as indicated by on the map)

  • Return to Sunrise Hills
    • Return to Sunrise Hills and Hail Pagus Nonad for the Miniature Action Lashun and Sigil of the Gate, then Hail Lysric Loresinger found in the same area outside at the Stage, for the Featherweight Satchel of the Courier

EverQuest - Housing - Featherweight Satchel
EverQuest - Housing - Featherweight Satchel