The Courier

Quest Giver: Postmaster Aric Songfairer
Request Phrase: 'who are the league of antonican bards' then say 'challenge'
Time Limit: Unlimited
Task Type: Solo



Note - ALL Mail is Temporary so it will poof if logged out for long

  • Delivering Mail to Qeynos
    • Get and Deliver the 5 pieces of Mail to Qeynos

  • Delivering Mail to High Keep
    • Get and Deliver the 2 pieces of Mail to High Keep

  • Delivering Mail to Freeport
    • Get and Deliver the 6 pieces of Mail to Freeport

  • Delivering Mail to Kelethin
    • Get and Deliver the 5 pieces of Mail to Kelethin

  • Completion
    • Once all 18 pieces of Mail are delivered and you get the 18 out of 18 note, you have to return to Postmaster Aric Songfairer and Hail him for the title and suffix, after that Hail Lysric Loresinger in the same area for the Placeable Parcel NPC (as indicated by on the map)

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