Marcia Attamilgad

Marcia Attamilgad is located in Various Zones and sells Rare Items gear in exchange for the following Alternate Currency:


Marcia Attamilgad will re-appear with a new item, in a random zone with a Noble Exchange NPC in it, in the base world zones. She re-appears at a set time, once per Real Life day.

She can appear in such zones as Butcherblock, North Ro, South Ro, Everfrost, North Karana, Lake Rathetear, Rathe Mountains, Commonlands, Toxxulia Forest, and potentially others.

You can talk to Noble Exchange NPCs to get a clue where she is, talking to multiple will give a zone that is the same, she will be in that zone.

Icon Item Name Cost AC HP Mana End hStr hSta hInt hWis hAgi hDex hCha