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Year of Darkpaw Overview

The Year of Darkpaw is a new event in 2024, it features a brand new zone, off of North Ro. In North Ro it is located by the beach, near the South Ro zone line, click on the pedestal to Zone In.

It has quests, heroic adventures and collection sets for each month of the year. The collection sets are only available in the month they go active.

You will earn Timeless Tokens for each activity. Check out the vendor Miacallie Herlsas to see its list of goods!

Broken Key of Sands
Oasis of Sand
Collection: Blackburrow

Broken Key of Lava
Oasis of Lava
Collection: Nagafen's Lair

Broken Key of Forests
Oasis of Forests
Collection: The Greater Faydark

Broken Key of Frost
Oasis of Frost
Collection: Estate of Unrest

Broken Key of Sky
Oasis of Sky
Collection: Permafrost Keep

Broken Key of Steam
Oasis of Steam
Collection: Butcherblock Mountains

Broken Key of Jungles
Oasis of Jungles
Collection: The Ruins of Old Guk

Broken Key of Fire
Oasis of Fire
Collection: City of Mist

Broken Key of Swamps
Oasis of Swamps
Collection: Karnor's Castle

Broken Key of Fear
Oasis of Fear
Collection: The Ruins of Sebilis

Broken Key of the Void
Oasis of the Void
Collection: Velketor's Labyrinth

Broken Key of Dragons
Oasis of Dragons
Collection: Western Wastes

Click the Download button below to download the Anniversary Tower Map (and North Ro Map)!
Last Updated: 5/07/24

Huge thanks to Xegony.Goodurden for this map!

Year of Darkpaw Overview By: Riou On: January 10, 2024, 12:33:42 AM

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