Housing Quests in Everquest provide some special rewards such as titles, housing items, illusions, 20 slot bags, and other goodies.

The better rewards for Housing will require the first task The Courier where you go around delivering mail. The Illusion Item and The Bag both require this.

We have set up the Guides to do as much as possible without having to re-go to places, some things will not be required and are side items, but take place during the quest that you might as well do it during each section.

The only time this wasn't put on was for the Placeable NPC Appearence Changer, simply because the NPC is only up from 9pm to about 2am in game time, it's up to you if you wanna wait in Qeynos during the few times you are there in other quests or not or if you happen to be there during that time in game, you can go ahead and grab it as well.

Note - Evil races will probably need to charm npcs to do turn ins / hails, etc, it may be possible to get some faction adjustment by illusioning in some cases, so sorry evil race people!

The Courier - Rewards - Title "Courier", Suffix "the Courier" and Hyredel Swiftstride (Placeable Parcel NPC)

Jester Illusion and Orc Figurine - Rewards - Armored Orcakar Figurine and Visage of the Daft Trickster

Featherweight Satchel - Rewards - Featherweight Satchel of the Courier, Miniature Action Lashun and Sigil of the Gate

Placeable NPC Appearence Changer - Rewards - Convoluted Assistant Appearance Augmentater

A Curious Box (Singing/Dancing Froglok) - Rewards - Curious Box