Veil of Alaris Pre-Launch Quests List

For completing Pre-Launch event quests and the group mission, you will be rewarded with Work Vouchers. These are used to purchase some great rewards. To purchase a reward, locate "Hobbs" at the build site. He offers some quests that allow you to hand him Work Vouchers in exchange for the rewards.

Veilbreaker Souvenir - 20 Work Vouchers

Summons a mini airship that will follow you around!

Heavy Lifting Device - 60 Work Vouchers

An illusion that makes you appear to be a Steamsuit!

Veilbreaker Escape Module - 60 Work Vouchers

A nice balloon mount that also gives some stats!

Ship in a Bottle - 25 Work Vouchers

A neat little airship inside a glass bottle, placeable in your yard or house!

Veilbreaker Executive Escape Device - 70 Work Vouchers

Tradeskill Items

Fantastic Animal Pelt - 1 Work Vouchers

Fantastic Silk - 1 Work Vouchers

Osmium Ore - 1 Work Vouchers

Fantastic Marrow - 10 Work Vouchers

Fantastic Spinneret Fluid - 10 Work Vouchers

Shimmering Loam - 10 Work Vouchers